AUV Odyssey IV on Crane

SeaKnowledge is a marine operations and design company dedicated to applying the latest technologies to ocean exploration.


The company is currently operated by Karl McLetchie as a sole proprietorship out of Pemaquid, ME. Karl is available for remote design consulting work and on-site assembly and field testing work anywhere in the world.


SeaKnowledge has experience with AUV mechanical and hydrodynamic design, AUV mission planning and deployment, ROV mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic maintenance, ROV piloting (two-body systems), multibeam mapping and multibeam data processing, CTD vertical casts and tow-yos, sidescan mapping and data processing.


sea-knowledge n. an understanding, gained through experience, of the harsh ocean environment.


seak-nowledge v. to explore the depths of the seas for historical, geological, and biological discoveries.